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We are now accepting submissions for Volume 76(2). 
Submissions are due at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 21, 2018.

The Law Review accepts submissions from eligible students worldwide. The Law Review welcomes the submission of articles, case comments, book reviews, notes and letters. Before submitting, please remember to remove all identifying information (i.e. your name, university, etc.) from your paper. See Information for Authors for more information and further submission requirements for the Law Review.

Along with the Torys Fellowships, the Law Review also awards two writing prizes annually. The Martin L. Friedland Prize is awarded to the best article article written by a student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. The Bill Scadding Essay Prize is awarded to the student registered in the University of Toronto Faculty of Law who submits the best essay in Family Law to the Law Review.

All submissions must comply with the requirements on the Information for Authors page to be considered for publication.  If you have any questions about our submissions requirements or the review process, you may e-mail our Editorial Manager at

Include your current mailing address here. If you expect to change addresses, please indicate this in the "Notes/Commments" section below.
If you are in a joint law program with another area of study, please select "Law Student (LLB/JD)" and indicate the type of joint program in the text field below. If you are an articling student or clerking for a court, you must indicate your articling principal or court of clerkship in the "Notes/Comments" section below. If you are now a first-year associate, you are eligible to submit an manuscript until the deadline for the next available issue (e.g. if you end articling in January, then you may submit at any time until August 31st for publication in the first issue of the year). Please indicate when you completed your articling in the "Notes/Comments" section below.
For students from law schools not listed, please select "Other" and indicate your law school in the text field. If you are a graduate or transfer student, indicate the law school you most recently attended.
Only .pdf formats are accepted, and the uploaded file must be less than 12 MB in size.
Files must be less than 12 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
The cover letter should outline your paper's original contribution to the Canadian legal literature and may further suggest revisions or improvements to guide the Law Review's research and commentary. The file must be in .pdf format and less than 4 MB in size.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.