Torys Fellowships

To encourage law students and recent law graduates to publish their legal writing, the Law Review awards Torys Fellowships to authors who have written manuscripts that have potential for future publication. Torys Fellowships are awarded to law students and recent graduates from any Canadian university to encourage publication of their manuscript in a reputable legal journal.

Recipients of Torys Fellowships receive a monetary award as well as detailed commentary on their papers from the editors of the Law Review. The commentary will suggest substantive revisions to the manuscripts that will increase the chance of publication in a subsequent issue of the Law Review or another legal journal.

The Law Review will award annually up to four Torys Fellowships of $500 to papers submitted for the first or second issues of each volume of the Law ReviewHalf of the $500 award is distributed upon acceptance of the terms of the award, with the remainder distributed when the author resubmits his or her paper to the Law Review. Acceptance of the award terms includes submission of a research plan to address the substantive revisions suggested by the editors of the Law Review.  Award of the remainder of the Torys Fellowship upon resubmission of the manuscript to the Law Review is contingent on a good faith effort to revise the manuscript for publication. Papers selected for Fellowships are not assured of future publication in the Law Review.

Submissions to Issue 1 or Issue 2 of the Law Review will be automatically considered for our Torys Fellowships. If your paper shows promise but cannot be developed for publication within the timeframe for production of the Winter or Spring issues, your paper would make for an excellent candidate for a Torys Fellowship and for subsequent resubmission to the Law Review. The Law Review will no longer have a separate review for candidates for the Torys Fellowship.

Submissions must conform to the submissions guidelines indicated on the 'Information for Authors' page. You may also include a cover letter that suggests revisions that will help bring your paper to a publishable level. These comments will make the potential of your paper for publication clearer to the senior board and will help guide their commentary. Fellows will be selected based on the strength of their submitted paper, as well as their proposed revisions. All submitted papers will be reviewed anonymously by editors of the Law Review. Please attach any covering letter to the manuscript and submit them both as a single document.

Eligibility requirements: You and your co-authors must be law students, graduate students in law, clerks, articling students, or recent law graduates, in accordance with the eligibility requirements for general submission to the Law Review.