Who We Are

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review ("Law Review") is one of the oldest student legal journals in Canada. The first issue, published in 1942 and called the School of Law Review, began as a record of student life and times in the faculty. By the 1950s, with the support of Cecil "Caesar" Wright, Dean of the Faculty of Law, the Law Review editors began the process of professionalizing the publication, moving from a student newspaper to a forum for intellectual debate about the law. The Law Review has continued in this vein, introducing new developments in legal science, philosophy, scholarship, and education.

Unlike many other law journals, the Law Review does not have a particular thematic focus and publishes articles on a wide array of law-related topics. Any well-considered analysis related to legal thought is welcome.



The objectives of the Law Review are to foster rigorous and timely student scholarship while providing our student editors with opportunities to develop their research, writing, and editing skills. The Law Review strives to advance legal scholarship by publishing the work of students from law schools in Canada and abroad with an eye toward topics that are of interest to Canadian readers, practitioner and academic alike. The Law Review seeks not only to produce a journal of the highest quality, but also to strengthen students’ understanding of and involvement with legal debate at the frontiers of the law.