Volume 14 - Number 1, Winter 1956


The Influence of Duff C.J. C. on the Trade and Commerce Power 
Lionel H. Schipper

(1956) 14(1) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 1

The Fair Accommodation Practices Act: The "Dresden" Affair 
A. Alan Borovoy

(1956) 14(1) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 13

Proposed Automobile Certificate of Title Legislation for Ontario 
Norman G. Stoner

(1956) 14(1) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 24

Taxation of Income from a Business: A Seeming Innovation 
William G. Timmis

(1956) 14(1) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 39

Case and Comment

Criminal Law – Provocation – Limitation in Law of Content of Provocation – Finding of Fact by Appellate Court – Definition of "Insult" in s. 203(3) Can. Cr. Code – Regina v. Tripodi
John T. Burnett

(1956) 14(1) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 48

Negative Covenant in Service Contract – Interlocutory Injunction – Unique Nature of Professional Football Player – Unequal Bargaining Position of Players under Football "Draft" Provisions – Detroit Football Co. v. Dublinksi
William Angus

(1956) 14(1) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 54

Criminal Law – Conspiracy to Kidnap – Incorrect Ruling of Trial Judge Regarding Necessity of "Intention" to Carry Common Design into Effect – Attempt by Members of Supreme Court to Expand Definition of Criminal Conspiracy – The Queen v. O'Brien
Bernard Chernos

(1956) 14(1) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 56

Volume 14 - Number 2, Spring 1956


The Effects of Discharge in Bankruptcy and Their Avoidance 
J.F.W. Weatherill
(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 63

Cumulative Voting for Corporate Directors in Ontario 
Hubert J. Stitt

(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 73

The Problem of Non-Conforming Uses under Section 390 of the Municipal Act 
Edmund R. Alexander

(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 82

The Share Margin Account, Segregation of Securities and Bankruptcy 
W. Ross Murray

(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 95

Case and Comment

Constitutional Law – Legislative Control of Religious Observance – Provincial Legislature Is Incompetent to Pass Legislation Authorizing Municipal By-Law to Enforce Closing of Stores on Named Holy Days. – Henry Birks & Sons (Montreal) Ltd. v. City of Montreal & A.G. of Quebec
Robert Castor

(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 105

Administrative Law – Certiorari to Immigration Official – Governor in Council Does Not Have Power under Immigration Act, R.S.C. 1952, c. 325, Section 61 to Delegate Rule Making Power to Special Injury Officer. – Ex parte Brent 
Alan W. Sutherland; Kurt Enns

(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 111

Criminal Law – Contempt of Court – Newspaper Comments during or after Judicial Proceedings May Be Held to Interfere with the Administration of Justice. – Steiner v. Toronto Star Ltd.; Regina v. The Vancouver Province
J. D. Ground

(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 118

Negligence – Volenti Non Fit Injuria Passenger Denied Recovery in Action against Intoxicated Driver. – Miller v. Decker 
J. A. Isaac

(1956) 14(2) U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 125