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The University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review is one of Canada's oldest and most respected academic journals committed to publishing student scholarly work related to law. It is also the only journal of its kind in Canada edited entirely by students and devoted solely to contributions from students.

The Law Review welcomes articles, case comments, book reviews, and letters. Learn more about the submission process here.

Check out the articles in Volume 72(2) (Spring 2014). Order this issue in hardcopy here.


We are pleased to announce that Laura McGee is the recipient of the Torys Fellowship for 2014!


We are now accepting submissions for Volume 73(1) until August 31st, 2014.

The Law Review will automatically consider submissions for the Winter or Spring issues of the Law Review for our Torys Fellowships.

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review is very pleased to announce the masthead for Volume 73 (2014-2015), which can be found here.


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